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From 13 December 2014, all food businesses must declare any of 14 identified allergenic ingredients which are used in non-prepacked or loose foods that are sold or provided.

The legal requirements for food businesses are to:

  • Declare accurate and consistent allergen ingredients information to customers (includes food sold through distance selling such as online or by telephone).
  • Ensure the information of the 14 identified allergens, for the food they serve or prepare, is accurate and verifiable.

To make it easier for caterers to access full allergen information for the ingredients and products they buy, Country Range Group have asked all our suppliers for the allergen content of their products. We have compiled this information on this website with full search functionality to enable you to find products by brand or search by allergen type.

If the product information you require is not available on this site it is because the supplier has elected not to provide this information and you would need to contact them direct, or we suggest you use an alternative brand for which we do have the allergen data.

Full product specifications for Country Range branded products can be found at

For further information, guidance and materials on how food businesses can implement and comply with the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation visit the FSA website.


While every care has been taken to ensure this information is correct, the nutritional data has been supplied by the respective brand owners and Country Range Group is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of this data. The information is provided in good faith but is for general information purposes only. To ensure that you have the most up to date information please check the product label on delivery.

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